Rose Petal Potion Love Drops


One drop on the tongue and the power of the rose will unfold into your mouth. This limited edition batch is made every year during the early Spring from a very special varietal of fresh Damascene rose petals in pure, sustainably sourced organic vegetable glycerin. These rose drops will connect you directly to your heart, unifying the body and the soul. The Biophilia Rose Petal Potion is truly magical, with calming, appeasing, and centering energy that brings the being into the radiant energy of the rose. A heart healer for all, big and small. Safe for children and elders. Sugar and preservative-free.

Ingredients: Rosa Damascena fresh (Rose) petals, Organic glycerin

Customer Reviews

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Yana Reznik
Magic summer with a drop

When the bottle arrived, my 3 yo son asked to try it. My hubby was there too. We each had a drop and suddenly like in a fairy tale, the flowers have bloomed around us, with my sons eyes popping in joy and shock, all three of us grinning from ear to ear. We had a beautiful loving evening that day.

Phyllis Beals
Rose/Violet cream

Very hydrating. Love it.

Monica DiGiorgio

I absolutely LOVE the Rose potion. To able to taste what you smell. Alice takes great pride in all her products and this did not disappoint!