Classes & Curriculums

Alice specializes in presenting many classes and curriculums. If you have any questions, refer to the top bar on the website: "Ask Alice" and we will get back to you in the next few business days. Take a peak and enjoy.


      1. Hydrosols and essential waters made from your kitchen
      2. The art of distillation for essential oil and hydrosol making
      3. Botanical extractions and preservation level 1
      4. Carrier Oils: The hidden chemistry of liquid gold for health and beauty
      5. The Bee’s medicine cabinet:  Apitherapy for cosmetic formulation and wellbeing   
      6. Formulating for Skin conditions.  Home Spa for beauty and health
      7. Body lotions and Gels for the aroma therapist
      8. Body lotions and creams 101
      9. Body butters, solid lotion bars
      10. Balms, salves and ointments
      11. Face creams Level
      12. Face serums Level
      13. Cleansing oils and toners
      14. Psycho-Aromatherapy: the hidden powers of smell for emotional balance.
      15. Ayurvedic Chocolates: understanding taste for better health.


Herbal Extractions

  1. Hydrosols and essential waters made from your kitchen:  4 hour class

In this introduction to the medicinal and cosmetic virtues of hydrosols, students will learn how to make 100% pure hydrosols from scratch with easily accessible plant material and kitchen tools. They will experience and learn about the properties and uses of 7 different hydrosols for the skin, the body and the mind. Students will also learn about how and when to pick plants, the good manufacturing and sterilization process, PH levels, as well as blends and bonus recipes.

Participants will take home a 4 oz. bottle of freshly made hydrosol and a custom made, hydrosol based, facial mask.

  1. The art of distillation for essential oil and hydrosol making:  7 hour class

In this unique aromatherapy experience, students will be introduced to the art of distillation for the production of essential oils and high quality hydrosols. They will learn the ABCs of hydro and steam distillation, how to set up a copper still, a glass still and the cooling system, pick, clean and prepare the plant material and sterilize and clean equipment. They will also learn about separating essential oil and hydrosol, monitoring PH, filtering techniques and preservation.

During the hands-on part of the workshop, students will custom create an aromatherapy roll-on and an aromatherapy inhaler; and also take home an 8 oz. amber bottle of freshly distilled hydrosol and a 2 oz atomizer.

  1. Botanical extractions and preservation level 1:  4 hours

In this demo and hands-on class, students will learn the mathematical ratios to make quality botanical extractions in alcohol, glycerin and oil. The goal of this class is to enable students to work from the raw materials, through to the finished product. These botanical extracts are a perfect base for making quality medicinal and cosmetic products. A range of cosmetically prized plants will be presented; giving the students the opportunity of a hands-on experience, for making their customized botanical extracts themselves. Students will bring home a customized glycerin extract, an oil extract and a 1oz, previously infused, botanical tincture.

Beauty, Health and Food

  1. Carrier Oils: The hidden chemistry of liquid gold for health and beauty: 3.5 hours

In this lecture class, students will discover the world of bio-chemistry behind various precious, healing carrier oils; the different types of fatty acids, the vitamin and omega content of these cold pressed oils, and how they can benefit beauty and health from both within the body and out. Other topics will be covered such as natural SPF (sun protection) in carrier oils, shelf life in relation to their chemical composition and potential comedogenics and allergens. Alice will feature 10 of her top healing, beautifying oils and their properties. Students will take home a 2 oz. customized scented massage oil made from organic selected cold pressed oils.

  1. The Bee’s medicine cabinet: Apitherapy for cosmetic formulation and wellbeing: 3.5 hours

In this class, the emphasis is on the basic functioning of the hive and how bees are an intricate and necessary part of our ecosystem. Using bee-products sustainably is a way to support bee-keeping and the maintenance and the equilibrium of the earth’s bio-system.

In this unique seminar, students will discover the extraordinary properties of royal jelly, propolis, pollen, honey and beeswax. These raw materials are not only an untapped source for beauty, good health, and a strong immune system, they are also powerful ingredients to add to cosmetic and medicinal formulation for their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, remineralizing and rejuvenating properties. Students will take home a 6 oz. herbal infused honey, along with thoroughly explained hand-outs, on the way bee products can be properly introduced into formulation.

  1. Formulating for Skin conditions level 1:  6 hours

In this unique one-day workshop students will be introduced to a wealth of key ingredients, nutritional foods, minerals, supplements, herbs and aromatherapy to soothe problem skins. The following skin conditions and their possible remedies will be analyzed: acne, eczema, psoriasis, chronic dry skin, stretch marks, scars and rosacea. Alice will also address the subject of foods and products to be avoided, in order to clear up or reduce symptoms of chronic skin conditions. During the class the teacher will create, from scratch, three different base recipes that can be personalized by the student to their particular skin type and needs. Students will take home a 1/3 oz. blemish buster, a 1oz dry skin solid lotion bar and an aromatherapy custom formulated topical gel.


7. Home Spa for beauty and health :  3 hour class

In this totally hands-on class, students will be introduced to the secrets of using the often neglected ingredients sitting on our kitchen shelves- fruits and vegetables, alpha hydroxy acids, grains and dairy products, herbal steams and teas, natural and effective exfoliants, as well as the use of clays and botanical powders. Students will custom blend and take home 4 Spa products: A cleansing grain blend, a fruit hydroxy peel, an herbal steam, and a facial mask. A fun introductory class for people who are tired of buying unsatisfactory and often expensive cosmetics and want to bond with the secrets of traditional wisdom, for radiant skin.

Cosmetic Formulation

  1. Body lotions and Gels for the aroma therapist: 8 hours

In this mostly demo-oriented class, students will be introduced to the many precious, key ingredients for creating natural bases for aromatherapy topical preparations. The knowledge the student will acquire concerning waxes, gums and the emulsification process, carrier oils and hydrosols, preservatives and anti-oxidants, will allow the aroma therapist to create creams and gels to carry their own blends. The teacher will show the proper guidelines for good manufacturing practices, sterilization and labeling. Students will custom blend their own aromatherapy formula, using the bases they have learned of during the class. They will take home a 2oz. bottle of lotion, a 1oz. jar of cream and a 2oz. bottle of gel.

  1. Body lotions and creams 101:  4 hours

In this introductory, demo-centered class, students will discover the basic skills and tools needed to make beautiful and effective creams and lotions. Key ingredients will be passed around such as precious carrier oils, waxes, butters, anti-oxidants and natural preservatives. Students will learn about the shelf life of carrier oils and their properties, sterilization processes, labeling and the challenge of testing products. Alice will demonstrate, by making two recipes: a light and hydrating body lotion and a rich and nourishing shea butter cream. Students will take home a 2 oz. bottle of body lotion and a 2 oz. jar of cream, personally custom scented with natural aromatic essential oils.  

  1. Body butters and solid lotion bars: 4 hours

Body butters, solid lotion bars and massage oils are an excellent and effective relief for dry, cracked or aging skin and the reduction of scar tissue. One of their great advantages is that they are preservative free and easy to make, even for the beginner. In this demo-centered class, students will be introduced to the healing properties of butters and carrier oils, and learn how to make 3 excellent products to take home: a 1 oz. custom scented shimmering body butter, a ½ oz. solid massage butter bar and a 2 oz. chocolate whipped body butter. So good, you could almost eat them!

  1. Balms, salves and ointments: 4 hours

This is one of the most hands-on classes that Alice offers, in which she gives an introduction to the ancient tradition of balm and ointment crafting. While teaming up within the group, students will make three products during the class: a powerfully healing, respiratory, essential oil-based salve, a soothing & repairing zinc ointment and a nourishing & calming body balm. This highly interactive class is a real delight for those seeking to introduce herbal extracts and aromatherapy into preservative free products. A lively and activating class for the budding formulator!

  1. Face creams Level 1: 4 hours

In this unique class Alice presents methods for creating high-end, luxury facial creams. Carefully selected quality ingredients, such as powerful botanical extracts, precious carrier oils, luxurious emollients, emulsifying waxes and hydrosols will be introduced to the student, while discussing their benefits and uses. Alice will demonstrate how to make a simple hydrosol based balancing day cream and a more complex, anti-aging, nourishing night cream. She will also demonstrate how to create master formula spreadsheets. Students will take home a freshly made 1oz. jar of balancing cream and a 1oz custom scented night cream.

  1. Face serums Level 1: 4 hours

In this demo-centered class, students will be introduced to the sophisticated realm of luxury serums. Oil or gel based serums are comparable to natural supplements. They can boost, heal, hydrate and rejuvenate the epidermis. Alice will introduce the group to raw materials and gums to create their own gel bases, from scratch. She will also present to the class various powerful botanical extracts, anti-oxidants, precious carrier oils, natural emollients, hydrosols and many other ingredients that will allow the student to discover the possibilities for creating their own master formulas. Alice will demonstrate how to make a gel, as well as an oil based luxury serum. Students will take home a 1oz. rejuvenating serum gel and a 1 oz. oil serum custom blended, to suit the student’s skin type.

  1. Cleansing oils and toners: 3 hours

This class is an introduction to alternative ways of cleansing the skin with oil formulas and hydro based cleansers. This ancient, greatly-prized but forgotten method is an excellent substitute to replace drying cleansers and soap. Alice will explain the process of how to make an efficient recipe, based on a choice of ingredients, specifically chosen for each skin type. In the second part of the class, students will be initiated into the art of making natural high quality hydro-tonic toner with botanical ingredients, cosmeceuticals, hydrosols, hydroxy-acids from fruits and natural acids. These toners will procure in-depth cleansing which refines and tones the skin and reduces open pores.


15. Psycho- Aromatherapy: scent of emotions.

Creating your self- portrait through aromas

In this hands on class students will be introduced to 22 different therapeutic grade essential oils. They will explore through games and hands on experiences their own body language and reactions, memories and emotional responses to each aroma.  In the second part of the class students will design their own piece of art. This blend will support who they are and open their hearts, bodies and minds to their true essence!

16. Ayurvedic Chocolates: Understanding taste for better health

Come join Alice from Biophilia Botanicals and Kim Lavere for an interactive workshop introducing the six tastes of Ayurveda and herbal infused chocolate making, using herbs and spices that will help support a healthy body & mind. Find out what your dominant dosha is (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), learn about the different elements and classified tastes of Ayurveda, and create chocolate truffles curated with herbs and spices specifically for your dosha and any current energy imbalances.

Upcoming classes:

The Art of Floral and Botanical Extractions 


In this unique and one-of-a-kind workshop, students will get to taste, see, play, smell and experience the wonder and journeys of the world of flowers.

Alice’s passion for flowers truly started 12 years ago, with roses, when she was pregnant with her daughter, Onatah. These fragrant queens of the garden had a hypnotizing effect on her and seemed to have a language of their own… She developed a deeply emotional and healing connection with these particular flowers and started to believe each one of us has a flower that is a signature of our soul and heart. 

Her background as a perfumer and aromatherapist led her to a deep fascination for these incredible gems of color and scent.  She extracted these magical expressions of nature’s gift during 12 years of hands-on experience for taste, aroma, and medicine. Further down the road, she discovered their capacity to heal the emotional patterns and blockages in humans and animals with the use of flower essences. 

In this two day intensive workshop, Alice will share her knowledge on the various traditional and modern processes for optimal flower extractions. This workshop is also designed to create a space for people to be introduced to techniques that are slowly disappearing with time.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Understanding the solar and lunar calendar for optimizing flower harvest
  • The art of drying and preserving flowers
  • Fresh glycerin extractions 
  • Techniques of effleurage
  • Solvent extractions of fragile aromatic compounds 
  • Hydro and steam distillation of fragile flowers
  • Ritual in medicine making and harvesting
  • Repeated floral extractions
  • Oil extraction techniques and preservations
  • The art of making flower essences
  • Flower tinctures for perfumery

This class will host surprise guest and speakers.

Students will bring back a floral distillation, oil extracts, and fresh flower glycerite. Fatty compounds will be available for sale for those of you that would like to start an effleurage technique in class. For this section of the workshop, please bring your own fresh plant materials in a flat glass container big enough to start the process, as well as large glass tiles to fit the container. The flowers should be placed in a cooler box during traveling time for better results.

All students are welcome to bring the most fragrant flowers from their garden, to share, enjoy and experiment with. The class will start promptly at 9.30 am please show up 15 minutes before starting time. Lunch is not provided, please bring lunch or plan on having lunch in the close by area. Note pad, hat, and water are recommended. 

Day one description:

Alchemy of flowers: Gems of the plant kingdom

Flowers are the most ethereal expression of Nature, they are the beauty and the promise of a new seed, a new future. In the alchemical world, they are related to the sun, the ether, and the Gemstones of the natural world. They are the expression of the lighter realm, the hidden world, and vulnerability. We will explore their place in the natural kingdom and eco-system, the spiritual world and the emotional impact on humans and animals.

Harvest and Biodynamic calendar

How to harvest and plant flowers and aromatics- the understanding of the biodynamic calendar and the cosmic forces. Based on Rudolf Steiner’s incredible knowledge of the cosmic influences on agriculture and the natural cycles. Students will be introduced to a deeper understanding of the biodynamic calendar.

Propagation, collecting and drying of plants

Drying and preserving herbs is an art. Students will be given techniques for collecting and drying, as well as how to best preserve the environment.

Hydrosols and essential oil extractions 

Students will witness seasonal floral distillation. Distillation is a very old alchemical art invented thousands of years ago. Distillation will take place in a traditional copper still with a very gentle technique to preserve the flower’s properties and aromas.

The enfleurage techniques 

Alice Duvernell will share methods to revive this old perfumery extraction technique, invented in France, her country of origin. Students will be able to see how to create aromatic pomades with cold and hot enfleurage techniques. Students will have a hands-on experiment the art with seasonal flowers. 

Floral tinctures and repeated exactions for perfumery 

Often people see tinctures as strictly medicinal extracts used in herbal therapy, nevertheless, tinctures can be amazing bases for perfumery blends. Repeated extraction processes, solvent choices as well delicate and gentle methods will bridge the realm of flower and botanical extraction with the art of aromatherapy. Students will create a custom aromatherapy blend to match the artisan crafted alcohol extract presented that day.

On day one, students will bring home a hand out as well as a 2 oz bottle of floral distillate,  1/2 ounce of perfume grade floral extract, and ¼ ounce of floral enfleurage pomade.

Day two description:

The art of making Floral essences

Flowers are an amazing portal to emotional health and wellbeing. Special guest Anna Barazia will introduce students to the art of flower essence making. In the floral garden of the farm, students will find the flowers of their calling to create their own personalized flower essence.

Floral essential oils and the art of Aromatherapy, the medicine cabinet for the soul

Essential oils have a powerful impact on stress, hormonal balance, and mood. Alice will introduce students to the concept and powers of Psycho-aromatherapy, experiencing the effects of flower essences and oils on the emotional realm and soul’s activity, an introduction to anointing and self-prescribing. Students will get to create a gentle floral essential oil blend from the oils presented that day that will be blended in a choice of artisan made hydrosols and distillates.

Oils and glycerite extracts

Warm and cold processes and techniques. Students will be taught the math behind creating proper medicinal, culinary and cosmetic grade glycerin and oil extracts. Students will have access to dried and fresh materials to create their own floral and botanical oils and glycerites that they will have the pleasure to bring home for their own use and consumption.

An introduction to CO2’s and other complex extraction techniques.

Other more complex floral extraction techniques will be presented and exceptional CO2 extracts sampled.

 Hydrosol and chocolate gourmet bistro

The weekend will be finalized with a delicious Bistro combining snacks, chocolate, and honey aromatics, rose wine and bubbles as well as glycerite tastings.

Students will bring back a customized flower essence, an aromatherapy floral toning blend, as well as a custom oil and glycerite extract made from organic fresh and dried materials. Students will enjoy a hydrosol and floral bistro with snacks and aromatized drinks.

The art of distillation: An aromatherapy and alchemical experience. Learning how to make your own Essential Oils and Hydrosols

Have you always dreamt of making your own hydrosols and essential oils? Have you ever wanted to understand how to use the natural gifts of your garden and your environment to create unique high-quality cosmetic and healing products?  

In this full day demonstration/ workshop you will be discovering the very special and unique experience of steam and hydrodistillation in a traditional copper still, affordable cooking devices as well as high-end chemistry glassware. Alice will share her passion and knowledge about the science and alchemy of the distillation process. Students will learn the difference between hydro-distillation and steam distillation as well as the ways to improve yields of essential oil extractions with simple kitchen apparatus and labware. Students will be taught the differences between essential extraction and hydrosol extraction. Although they may be part of the same process, they present distinct techniques for enhanced results!

During the second part of the day, Alice will introduce the class to the basic principles of alchemy. Students will be invited to experiment with aromatherapy in drinks, chocolates and delicious snacks, featuring culinary hydrosols, aroma honey and essential oils.

All participants will bring home an 8-ounce bottle of freshly distilled hydrosol as well as an informational hand-out packed with useful information for your own distilling adventures! 

Introduction to psycho-aromatherapy and olphactotherapy, the amazing power of essential oils for healing the mind

Because scent biologically influences the same brain receptors that process emotions, students will explore, through a series of games, their own emotional and physiological responses. Alice will invite students to delve deep into a sense of “feeling” more than “thinking” as they discover and rediscover the aromas of enchanting essential oils...Each student will have the time and opportunity to realize a self-portrait of their own healing aroma-blend, reflecting as much as possible their essence, healing, vision, and desires, finding the essence(s) that brings them to light and their full potential.

You will find all the classes that Alice Encinas Duvernell offers. These classes are available on demand, in a private or collective setting. They are great events for botanical gardens, herbal and holistic medicine spaces but also unusual parties, bridal events and multi-purpose educational spaces, Feel free to inquire regarding prices and availability by email at:  


Future classes for 2024

1.Dilutions, incorporation and solubilization of essential oils in cosmetic formulas: ratios and dilution techniques

2.Preservatives systems for cosmetics and natural formulators

3.Botanical extracts for cooking and flavoring: cooking & alchemy

4.Botanical extraction for coloring

5.Botanical extractions and formulas for anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties

6.Treating acne naturally: 4 steps to success

7.Treating skin conditions naturally Level 2

8.Face creams Level 2

9.Face serums level 2

10.Cleansing gels and milks

11.Therapeutic clays, earth, minerals and healthy bacteria for radiance and beauty

12.Colloidal minerals for health and beauty

13.Sterilization and Standard manufacturing processes Level 1

14.Sterilization and Good manufacturing processes Level 2


About the teacher:

Alice is an innovative cosmetic designer and consultant and helps people from all over the world to develop their own eco-friendly product lines. She has been teaching in the Bay area for the past 9 years and has developed curriculums in the domains of Botanical extraction and distillation, bee products, natural cosmetic emulsification and preserving systems, and any subject related to the amazing capacity of nature to heal us. Her formal ethno-botany studies at the Sorbonne in Paris led her to travel to South America where she first started distillation and Botanical extractions. In the north east of Brazil she created an “open house” laboratory where she started teaching and collaborating with indigenous cultures and university leaders in the field. During her adulthood, she experienced severe acne and only found relief and recovery using botanicals, hydrosols, colloidal minerals and nutrients. This opened her heart to a great passion for organic cosmetology, botanical extraction techniques and foods for beauty. Alice is an enlightened plant and product educator. In her various curriculums, the student is initiated into the alchemical realm and introduced to the highest standards of self-care and product creation. Helpful tools are presented to introduce and sustain the student’s connection to nature’s untapped wonders.


Classes are offered in different locations across the San Francisco Bay area, if you are interested in a class or would like to offer a class in your home or business, check out the calendar of events page and contact us by email at