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Biophilia offers unique custom design and product development services for any company, big or small, that is seeking to expand their business into delivering high quality, eco-certified, organic and natural skin care, aroma-edibles and home product lines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           





Our services:

  • Custom product design & consultation
  • Private classes and training for company members
  • Consulting for product development for line of sales & profit expansion
  • Improvement of already existing formulas
  • Training in best manufacturing processes
  • Creation of master formula spreadsheets & standard operating procedures
  • FDA labeling standardization
  • Ingredient & packaging sourcing data bases

                                                           Our specialties: 

  • Organic cosmetology
  • Luxury cosmetics
  • Botanical extractions
  • Essential oils & hydrosol production
  • Natural preserving systems
  • Spa tailor
  • Private labeling
  • Medicinal topicals
  • Farmacology
  • Culinary & aromatic products
  • Natural & biodegradable house products
  • Wine, chocolate & bee product based formulas

Biophilia custom tailors one time service based contracts, private labeling and long term partnerships to fit your company’s or personal need into creating your own natural line of body and facial care, products, as well as, therapeutic and culinary products. 

Biophilia assists our customers to access to the best quality ingredients and suppliers. We help our clients to diminish their environmental imprint and support them whenever possible in using local, organic and sustainable resources. 

For more information and estimates please contact us here:   Tel: 510-691-6162