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Ou balms are all created for your specific skin conditions. Rashes, inflammation, cuts, burns, and wounds can be wrapped in these special ointments that combine ancient wisdom with high grade therapeutic essential oils, resins, botanical extracts, and minerals. For specificity of each balm, please review descriptions and ingredient lists below. All our balms are preservative-free and have an excellent shelf life, making them great allies for your natural first aid kits and travel emergency packs.

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Botanical Extracts

The complete new botanical extracts list will be available on February 1st, 2021! 


In this unique 2021 educational series, Alice E. Duvernell,  MA in Ethno-botany and private cosmetic formulator, will be sharing her knowledge about taste and phytonutrients; artisan aromatherapy and essential oil making;  as well as advanced flower extraction techniques. These classes are a culmination of her accumulated experience during her 15 years of studying alchemy, plants, spices, and aromatics.


Biophilia cosmetics facial creams are designed with integrity to the rules of natural and organic cosmetology. They are made from locally harvested botanical extracts and ingredients, therapeutic grade essential oils, naturally sourced minerals, organic and sustainable carrier oils, and preservative and emulsifying systems that are respectful to the body and to our planet.

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Hydrosols & Artisan Distillates

The core activity and passion at Biophilia Botanicals reside in the art of distillation. 95% of our flower and botanical distillates are created from locally-harvested, organic plant material, local farms, nonprofit organizations, and community gardens. Each plant is chosen with great care and harvested when the time is right. Hydrosols are frequently distilled at very low temperatures over several days to obtain the highest quality extractions that create our distinctive aroma blends. Each botanical distillate has a unique profile that brings incredible therapeutic virtues to the skin, the body, as well as precious tools for balancing and clearing the mind and emotions. Hydrosols can be custom made for specific cosmetic or medicinal needs, feel free to contact us with any special request.

Oils & perfumes

All our perfume oils are made with the utmost care and have been reformulated and designed over several years. Heart of Gold, Beloved Moon, and Redwood Perfume Oils are the signature scents and synergies of Biophilia Botanicals. They are carefully handcrafted with the highest quality organic oils and essential oils. The micas used in Heart of Gold and Beloved Moon are Eco-cert (certified for Organic products) and extracted from the natural mineral rock. These oils can be ordered without Micca on special request.

All our perfumes oil can be used by all genders on the face, body, and hair. The quality of the ingredients makes them as good as any high-end oil serum and can be used after washing and toning the skin as a complementary repairing and nourishing treatment s. Our non-greasy formulas leave the epidermis supple, conditioned and infused with incredible aromas. A delight for the skin and senses!


All our serums are used as a powerful skin supplement. A few drops go a long way especially if you ritualize their application with a gentle and prolonged facial massage. Lumina is repairing and helps with damaged and age spots, the time machine is the ultimate rejuvenating serum and the redwood serum is a perfect serum for its tightening and hydrating properties, a male's favorite but can be used by all sexes and genders!


Discover our range of distillate - hydrosol based aroma blends. These high end, body & facial spray blends offer a true revelation of the senses without the artificial ingredients used in synthetic fragrances and classic alcohol-based perfumes or toners. The first blend created for the company, “D-Divine” was designed for the owner's father and remains a classic for men as well as women in the aroma blend line. Aroma blends are perfect as toners, supporting hydration and micro-circulation in the epidermis, they can also be used as mood enhancers. Check out our best-selling blend combining a co-distillation of juniper, rose & palo-santo with subtle notes of jasmine. All the aroma blends are unisex.