Custom Events


Create your special event!    

Our company offers a menu of services from special lifetime event parties such as bridal showers, birthdays and wedding favor parties, but also corporate sized events for team building experiences, holiday events and aroma party events.  

This is an entertainment event service that includes making your self-product related to herbal, aromas and natural body and life style. These events offer an opportunity for a group to experience the amazing benefits of switching life styles to natural, safe and delicious alternatives to enhance beauty and health inside and out. Our educational team committed to helping people become empowered with the tools to nourish themselves with readily available ingredients while experiencing a one time festive, interactive and unique experience.

Corporate events and business team get-away events:

Using aromatherapy in corporate environments has been proven to be a very effective tool to regain focus, overcome fatigue and stress, avoid viruses and seasonal bugs and find a new sense of wellbeing even under the most stressful circumstances. Modern corporate companies have understood that allowing employees to exercise and take power naps during the day enhances their performances and diminishes stress related health problems. Aroma can bring people, if only for a little while, a sense of clarity, joy and tranquility. It is known to spike interest and excitement in both men and women. Our events will introduce your employees to the world of essential oils, aroma exploration, custom blending and easy every day applications. Participants will discover a unique teaching method enabling the group to experience teamwork and playful interactions while custom creating products individually. 

Aroma DJ services:

Music has a magical and mystical quality and it can elevate the mind and soul. Yet many times we enjoy music as a singular sense or sometimes paired with your visual senses.   Why not touch into multiple senses of sound, sight and smell.   The power of an aromatic DJ can take you to a place and awaken deep memories of a place or time. Think of adding scent to a piece of music that can add another whole dimension to the experience. This is not just aromatherapy in a public space but a melding of senses to create a rich multi-sensory experience that awakes and invigorates more than one sense at a time. The perception of smell consists not only of the sensation of the odors themselves but of the experiences and emotions associated with these sensations. Smells always evokes strong emotional reactions. Pleasant fragrances improve our mood and sense of well being. It also has an impact on desire and other emotions.

Our aroma DJ services awaken a sense that is often ignored or overshadowed by visual and sound. This offers a new sensory layer to the magic and power of music. What aroma is a high note, what fragrance is flowing and gentle like waves? What does a drumbeat smell like? Can you associate a colors and places with aromas and fragrances? How does the jungle smell different from a forest, or the ocean or a grassy meadow? Does India or France or Africa have a certain evocative spices or aromas? What music or stories can be told or enhanced using smell as a language?

We need aroma, because of its ability to move us, to induce feelings and moods, states of mind. Our idea is to create integrate aroma and its healing properties into our lives. We intend to create aromas that would allow our customer to be in an environment which will allow them to free their bodies and minds from toxic emotions such as stress, depression and so on. These healing aromas could be diffused within attractive and intimate spaces, or entertainment places such as clubs or bars. The overall ambiance is elegant, leading toward upscale without being pretentious.