Hydrosols and Psycho-Aromatherapy ~ Live Class


Hydrosols and Psycho-Aromatherapy

IMPORTANT: This 1-day class is part of a full weekend bundle which includes The Art of Distillation: An Alchemical Experience. Save $65 when you sign up for both days at: The Art of Distillation, Hydrosols & Psycho-Aromatherapy.

Where:  LIVE, Petaluma, California
When: Sunday, October 6, 2024
Times: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm 

Students will dive deep into the incredible power of hydrosols for cosmetic, culinary and health purposes. Over 30 different distillates will be passed around with an emphasis on Alice's top 10. You will realize what incredible tools they are for the massage therapist, natural healer, esthetician and formulator. 

A special emphasis will be placed on creating a hydrosol-based toner during the hands-on session. Participants will explore blending ideas, suggestions for adding cosmeceuticals, natural ingredients, and preservatives, gaining practical insights for optimal skincare routines.

In the second part of the day, students will be introduced to the world of olfactotherapy also called psycho-aromatherapy. 

As we all know, the sense of smell creates in each one of us powerful physiological responses, emotions, memories, and inspirations. In this hands-on class, will share the fascinating world of psycho-aromatherapy. Because scent biologically influences the same brain receptors that process emotions, students will explore, through a series of games and mediations their own emotional and physiological responses to blindfolded aromas. Alice will invite students to delve deep into a sense of “feeling” more than “thinking” as they discover and rediscover the aromas of enchanting & healing essential oils. Playful approaches to this new way of experiencing scents will invite them to open to the pathway that connects smell, emotions, memories, and body connections. Opening our senses to the pure essence of the plant seems to allow us to travel deep into ourselves, in our emotional patterns, past traumas, and physiological blockages that words cannot always heal.

Participants will be introduced to a number of common and rare essential oils and mood altering hydrosols. They will rediscover their unique profile and properties for usage in psycho-aromatherapy.

Each student will have the time and opportunity to realize a self-portrait of their own healing aroma-blend, reflecting as much as possible their essence, healing, vision, and desires, finding the essence(s) that brings them to light and their full innate potential.

Additional Information

Per person material fees at door, payable in cash only: $35

The class will start promptly at 9:30 am. Please arrive at the latest at 9:15 in order to finish registration, settle in and make yourself a cup of tea.


Class will be held in the Petaluma area, Sonoma county, California. The final location details will be provided after you sign up.

The class will mostly be held outside, so bring sun protection and wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking in the garden. Our outdoor seating is basic, so if you prefer special seating please bring your own chair.

As the class location is far from any restaurants, remember to bring your own packed lunch. Several local stores in Petaluma and Sebastopol offer takeaway lunches that you can plan on getting the day of or the day before class.

Water, hot tea and small snacks will be provided throughout the weekend.

Other items to bring: A note pad, pen, a water bottle and a sunhat. Optional: gloves & clippers.

The class format is designed as a small intimate group. Spaces are limited, so be sure to enroll early!

Biophilia products, hydrosols and skin care will be available for purchase throughout the event. See you soon!

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