Formulating for Skin Conditions ~ Live Class


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Formulating for Skin Conditions

IMPORTANT: This class is scheduled based on demand. If you're interested in attending, please see our Customer Care page and send us an email. We will add you to our list and contact you when we have enough people to hold the class. You can make your purchase at that time.

Where:  LIVE, Petaluma, California
When: Date To Be Determined
Times: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm 

Step into the world of personalized skincare formulation with this exclusive 1-day workshop! Students are immersed in a wealth of knowledge encompassing key ingredients, nutritional foods, minerals, supplements, herbs, and aromatherapy, strategically designed to alleviate various skin conditions. Acne, eczema, psoriasis, chronic dry skin, stretch marks, scars, and rosacea take center stage in the workshop's analysis. 

This workshop empowers students to craft skincare products aligned with their individual needs and preferences. 

Carrier Oils, liquid golds for health and beauty

This comprehensive curriculum will provide students with a holistic understanding of the biochemistry, applications, and formulation possibilities of carrier oils and butters. It provides students with a deep understanding of their efficacy and versatile applications in formulations. 

  • Fatty Acid Composition:

    • Analyze different types of fatty acids in carrier oils.
    • Explore the biochemistry of precious carrier oils
    • Understand the significance of fatty acids for skin health.
  • Vitamins and Essential Omega Content:

    • Examine the vitamin composition and essential omega content in cold-pressed oils.
    • Understand how these components contribute to beauty and health, both internally and externally.
  • Natural SPF in Carrier Oils:

    • Explore the inherent sun protection properties of certain carrier oils.
    • Understand how these oils can serve as a natural SPF for skin health.
  • Shelf-life and Preservation Optimization:

    • Understand factors affecting the shelf-life of carrier oils.
    • Learn techniques for optimizing preservation to extend the life of oils.
  • Comedogenic and Allergens:

    • Identify potential comedogenic and allergenic properties in carrier oils.
    • Choose oils suitable for various skin types.
  • Carrier Oils for Skin Conditions:

    • Explore specific carrier oils beneficial for addressing common skin conditions.
    • Understand the therapeutic properties of carrier oils.
  • Carrier Oils for Nutrition and Skin Radiance:

    • Examine the nutritional aspects of carrier oils for internal health.
    • Understand how certain oils contribute to skin radiance and overall well-being.
  • Carrier Oils in the Oil Cleansing Method:

    • Explore the role of carrier oils in the oil cleansing method.
    • Understand how this method can contribute to effective skincare routines.
  • Formulation Creation with Carrier Oils:

    • Receive practical guidance on formulating skincare products using carrier oils.
    • Engage in hands-on experience in creating a personalized oil cleanser.
  • Butters and Their Benefits:

    • Understand the unique qualities and benefits of different types of butters.
    • Explore the applications of butters in skincare and health.

Introduction to Formulating for Skin Conditions

Introduction to key ingredients, nutritional foods, minerals, supplements, herbs, and aromatherapy for problem skins.

  • Analysis of Skin Conditions:

    • In-depth exploration of various skin conditions: acne, eczema, psoriasis, chronic dry skin, stretch marks, scars, and rosacea.

    • Discussion of possible remedies for each analyzed skin condition.

  • Avoidance of Triggering Elements:

    • Addressing the importance of avoiding certain foods and products exacerbating chronic skin conditions.

    • Guidance on clearing up or reducing symptoms through dietary and lifestyle changes.

  • Hands-On Recipe Creation:

    • Teacher-led creation of three base recipes from scratch.

    • Recipes include a 1/3 oz. skin condition buster, a 1 oz. dry skin solid lotion bar, and a custom-formulated topical gel using aromatherapy and precious artisan botanical extracts.

  • Personalization for Individual Skin Types:

    • Empowering students to personalize the base recipes to suit their specific skin types and needs.

    • Hands-on experience in adapting formulations to individual preferences.

Students will bring home:
  • Comprehensive handouts

  • 1 oz. dry skin solid lotion bar

  • 1/3 oz. skin condition buster

  • 1-oz aromatherapy topical gel

Additional Information

Per person material fees at door, payable in cash only: $35

The class will start promptly at 9:30 am. Please arrive at the latest at 9:15 in order to finish registration, settle in and make yourself a cup of tea. 


Class will be held in the Petaluma area, Sonoma county, California. The final location details will be provided after you sign up.

The class will mostly be held outside, so bring sun protection and wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking in the garden. Our outdoor seating is basic, so if you prefer special seating please bring your own chair.

As the class location is far from any restaurants, remember to bring your own packed lunch. Several local stores in Petaluma and Sebastopol offer takeaway lunches that you can plan on getting the day of or the day before class.

Water, hot tea and small snacks will be provided throughout the weekend.

Other items to bring: A note pad, pen, a water bottle and a sunhat. Optional: gloves & clippers.

The class format is designed as a small intimate group. Spaces are limited, so be sure to enroll early!

Biophilia products, hydrosols and skin care will be available for purchase throughout the event. See you soon!

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