Botanical Extracts Level 2 & 3 Boot Camp: Extractions, Phytonutrients, Alchemy & Perfumery ~ Live Class


Learn the science and alchemy of transforming raw materials into finished products...

IMPORTANT: This class is scheduled based on demand. If you're interested in attending, please see our Customer Care page and send us an email. We will add you to our list and contact you when we have enough people to hold the class. You can make your purchase at that time.

Where:  LIVE, Petaluma, California
When: Date To Be Determined
Times: Friday: 7 pm to 9 pm (introduction, meet & greet, logistics)
Saturday and Sunday: 10 am to 5.30 pm 
Monday: 10 am to 3 pm 

Join us on a transformative three-day journey into the realms of Botanical Extracts, viewing them through the unique perspectives of both science and alchemy. Beyond being a classroom experience, this course is a deep dive into self-discovery, connecting with the plant world, and the integration of that knowledge into building our precious communities. While welcoming the power of the invisible realms of alchemy, this approach integrates fundamental botanical extraction knowledge with an emphasis on practical applications in topicals and cosmetics. 

Alice, a master in the art of botanical extractions, will also teach how to sustainably harvest the plants, the correspondence in the Biodynamic calendar as well as how to extract specific molecules (each solvent corresponding to a signature quality in a plant) for specific healing usages. These botanical extracts are a perfect base for making quality medicinal and cosmetic products as well as skin condition topicals. Several topics such as resinoids, roots, leaves, seeds and flowers will be treated separately with their corresponding techniques.

A range of cosmetically prized plants will be presented; giving the students the opportunity to create their hands-on experience; making their customized botanical extracts themselves while being guided by their teacher.

This class is designed for:

  • Cosmetic, topical, medicine and perfume formulators.
  • Estheticians looking to develop their line of botanical treatments.
  • Plant lovers, farmers and gardeners that want to expand their practical knowledge and find ways to transform what they grow into tangible products.

Workshop Topics

Introduction to Botanical Arts and Alchemy

  • Explore the alchemical realm of botanical arts.
  • Understand the foundational principles of botanical extraction.
  • Learn the significance of mathematical ratios in creating quality, therapeutic grade extractions.

Solvent Selection and Techniques

  • Examine the properties of various solvents, including alcohol, glycerin, acid solutions, and carrier oils.
  • Understand the role of each solvent in extracting specific molecules, each corresponding to a unique signature quality in a plant.
  • Delve into specialized extraction techniques for resinoids, roots, leaves, and flowers.
  • Dive into the techniques of using different solvents for extracting desired compounds.
  • Engage in hands-on experience creating customized botanical extracts, guided by master distiller Alice.

Sustainable Harvesting and Biodynamic Principles

  • Gain insights into sustainable harvesting practices for botanical extraction.
  • Explore the correspondence between the Biodynamic calendar and optimal harvesting times.
  • Learn how to ethically and responsibly source raw materials for botanical extractions.

    Throughout the Series:

    • Work through the entire process, from raw materials to finished products.
    • Receive guidance from Alice, a master in botanical extractions, on defining creation and blend goals.
    • Explore the use of botanical extracts as a base for medicinal and cosmetic products, including skin condition topicals.
    • Understand the healing properties associated with different botanical molecules extracted using various solvents.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Students will acquire the skills to independently create quality botanical extracts.
    • The program emphasizes hands-on experience, allowing students to customize their extracts.
    • By the end, participants will have the knowledge and confidence to incorporate botanical extractions into their formulations for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

    Botanical Tinctures for Medicine, Cosmetics, and Perfumery

    • Understanding the Basics:
      • Introduction to botanical tinctures and their versatile applications in medicine, cosmetics, and perfumery.
      • Overview of plant constituents and their therapeutic, cosmetic, and aromatic properties.
      • Ratios and mathematics when making medicinal grade tinctures.
    • Practical Applications:
      • How to Incorporate botanical tinctures into cosmetic formulations for skincare and beauty.
      • Exploring the art of creating unique botanical fragrances with tinctures for perfumery.
    • Safety and Ethical Considerations:
      • Ethical sourcing and sustainable practices in obtaining botanical materials.
      • Shelf life optimization techniques

    Oil and Glycerin Extracts:

    • Introduction to Oil and Glycerin Extraction:
      • Exploring the principles behind extracting botanical compounds with oils and glycerin 
      • Understanding the solvent properties of oils and glycerin in extracting lipophilic and hydrophilic constituents.
    • Creating Infused Products:
      • Hands-on experience in preparing oil and glycerin extracts from selected botanicals.
      • How to integrate these extracts into formulations for various cosmetic applications.

    Extract Optimization:

      • Strategies for maximizing extraction efficiency and yield.
      • Troubleshooting common issues in percolation processes.


    • Percolation Principles:
      • Understanding the percolation method as an efficient botanical extraction technique.
      • Factors influencing percolation, solvent choice, and extraction time.
    • Practical Implementation:
      • Setting up and operating a percolation apparatus.
      • Step-by-step percolation process demonstration with hands-on participation.
    • Other extraction processes
      • Oximels
      • Concotions
      • Vinegar Extracts
      • CO2 extracts (Wonderful organic CO2 extracts will be passed out).

    Introduction to the realm of Flower Extracts

    Alice's background as a perfumer and aromatherapist led her to a deep fascination for these incredible gems of color and scent.  She ongoingly extracted these magical expressions of nature’s gift during seventeen years of hands-on experience for taste, aromas, and medicine. Further down the road, she discovered their capacity to heal the emotional patterns and blockages in humans and animals with the use of flower essences and aromatherapy. 

    Flowers are the most ethereal expression of Nature, they are the beauty and the promises of a new seed, a new future. In the alchemical world, they are related to the sun, the ether, and are the Gemstones of the natural world. They are the expression of the lighter realm, the hidden world, and vulnerability. We will explore their place in the natural kingdom and eco-system, the spiritual world and the emotional impact on humans and animals.

    • Alchemy of flowers gems of the plant kingdom
      • Understanding flowers as ethereal expressions of nature and their symbolic significance in alchemy and biodynamics.
      • Exploring the connection between flowers, the sun, ether, and gemstones in the natural world.
    • Floral Essence Making:
      • Recognizing flowers as portals to emotional health and well-being.
      • Creating your own flower essence from the garden (if weather permits)
      • Formulating your own flower essence blend for optimal wellbeing
    • Hydrosols and Essential Oil Extractions:
      • Witnessing seasonal floral distillation, an ancient alchemical art.
      • Traditional copper stills and gentle techniques to preserve flower properties and aromas.
      • Note: Distillation techniques and details will not be covered in this class; if you want to learn how to make your own we highly recommend the distillation class, for information see: The Art of Distillation: An Alchemical Experience.
    • Enfleurage Techniques:
      • Reviving the French perfumery extraction technique of enfleurage.
      • Alice Duvernell shares methods for creating aromatic pomades using cold and hot enfleurage techniques.
      • Hands-on experimentation with seasonal fresh flowers.
    • Floral Tinctures and Repeated Extractions for Perfumery:
      • Breaking the misconception of tinctures as only medicinal extracts.
      • Exploring repeated extraction processes, solvent choices, and delicate methods for perfumery.
      • Bridging the realms of flower extraction with the art of aromatherapy.
      • Students craft custom aromatherapy blends to complement artisan-crafted alcohol extracts presented during the class.

    Student will receive:

    • comprehensive handouts providing essential information
    • a 1 oz featured botanical tincture
    • a customized oil extract and glycerite
    • a customized percolation tincture
    • a 2 oz bottle of floral distillate
    • an enfleurage floral tile
    • a perfume grade tincture
    • a 0.5 oz perfume grade tincture for personal aromatic creations

    Additional Information

    Per person material fees at door, payable in cash only: $70

    Attending Friday evening is optional but highly recommended. Our plan is to have a more informal gathering the first evening in the Biophilia gardens or at a local Petaluma restaurant, (an email will be sent a week before the class with details). We'll use the time for a welcome and introduction talk by Alice, go over the logistics, arrange carpools to the class venue, do some Q&A, etc. Plus enjoy a bite to eat and relax after your travels. This way we'll be able to dive right in the next morning. (We'll send address details once it is finalized).

    The class will start promptly at 10 am. Please arrive at the latest at 9:45 in order to finish registration, settle in and make yourself a cup of tea. 


    Class will be held in the Petaluma area, Sonoma county, California. The final location details will be provided after you sign up.

    The class will mostly be held outside, so bring sun protection and wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking in the garden. Our outdoor seating is basic, so if you prefer special seating please bring your own chair.

    As the class location is far from any restaurants, remember to bring your own packed lunch. Several local stores in Petaluma and Sebastopol offer takeaway lunches that you can plan on getting the day of or the day before class.

    Water, hot tea and small snacks will be provided throughout the weekend.

    Other items to bring: A note pad, pen, a water bottle and a sunhat. Optional: gloves & clippers.

    The class format is designed as a small intimate group. Spaces are limited, so be sure to enroll early!

    Biophilia products, hydrosols and skin care will be available for purchase throughout the event. See you soon!

    Customer Reviews

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    Morgan Rayhayla
    Pure Magic

    This class was not only enlightening in the tangible world of plants and preparation but, in the metaphysical real as well and our connection between the two. I enjoy learning from Alice as she has a way of teaching that welcomes the knowledge into your being. It was so fulfilling learning the deep and rich traditions of cultures and their applications that have been handed down, and continue to transmogrify dimensions with plants and the elements.