About us

Biophilia (from bio-, meaning "life," and -philia, meaning "positive feeling toward") is defined by the wonderful Biologist Edward O. Wilson as "An innate love of life or living systems." 

Biophilia Botanicals delivers original, transformative, artisan crafted cosmetics of the highest purity, botanical extracts, and aromatic edibles for all ages and genders. 

Our mission is to share an “art de vivre” (art of living), where, through the power of personal choices, we become aware that we can be the masterpieces of our own conception. With this principle at the forefront of our aims, all our products are designed in accordance with respect for the body and the environment.

We also provide high-end product design, custom formulation, and formula improvement. We offer quality comprehensive educational classes as well as custom events. Our live seminars and workshops look to develop knowledge regarding connection to nature and quality self-care.  Our goal is to share the sense of empowerment gained through self-education and community experiences linked to the extraordinary gifts that nature offers us.

At Biophilia, we regard cosmetics as more than simply skin beautifying preparations. We believe each of our products speaks to the body’s own intelligence and that this, in turn, helps us to work in harmony with nature and nourish our earth’s eco systems.

Because anything applied to our skin is transmitted directly into our bloodstream, our lymph system, and consequently to all our vital organs, Biophilia upholds the ethic that cosmetics should be as non-toxic as any product you would choose to take internally. It is often said that you are what you eat; consequently, you are what you put on your skin! This is why our products are all designed with the highest attention and care. They are made with quality ingredients such as natural carrier oils, flower and plant distillations (hydrosols and essential oils), botanical extracts, trace minerals, bio-fermentations, and super critical cold process extracts. All our products are packaged in 90% glass.