The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden

Today is rose day. Picking the heart open. Shades of pink, magenta, white and purple, fuchsia, yellow and pure light. Rose, mother, queen of the garden. Rose mysterious, feminine, drop by drop, falling in the amber bottle, drip, drip, drip. Artichoke heart, open heart, sweet and bitter. Soft and spiky. Rose, healer of the heart, bringing joy, openness to feelings, emotions, love, sexuality, sensuality and most of all, tenderness. Rose take us in your petals, embalm us with your scent, bring joy to our heart. Rose, today, asking us to reach out, untangle, rose pink, intertwined with honey suckle, acacia tree and blackberry. Fraying a passage through the high bushes, thistles and vines, reaching out in the warm sun to your open flowers. 

We love you rose…Will you love all the beings that spray your water on their faces and bodies, all that will feel the mother, the wife, the woman in you? That unconditional tenderness, that sweet, aromatic and infinite love…yes, rose loves us...

How s does rose water and oils work for your skin?

Rose hydrosol is the ultimate facial toner for damaged and mature skin. It has a astringent (tightening) effect as well as a regenerating and pluming properties. Rose water can be used as a gentle cleanser for eyes and face as well as an all day hydration mist. Rose is connected to the heart and help with melancholy and heaviness. It also help with the ones of us that are too much in their heads and need to reconnect to their body and heart intelligence.

Rosehip seed oil is another precious ingredient made from the mature seeds of the rose bush. It contains a high amount of essential fatty acids and natural vitamin C. I use this oil for stretch marks, old and new scars, under-eye treatments and as an overall skin conditioner. It is present in high quantities in the Sunstar face cream that stands as the most nourishing and rich face cream of the biophilia line. 

Rose essential oil stands to be one of the most praised and high frequency essential oils in the world (with Oud and Sandalwood); this floral and aphrodisiac oil naturally brings us to a high octave of consciousness as well as a deeper connection to our body and our sensuality. Rose essential oil is extremely precious and expensive because 400 pounds of rose petals are required to produce only one once of essential oil!

Each year Biophilia Botanicals distills a fresh rose petal hydrosol that is a base in many of their cosmetics products, this is not a coincidence as this hydrosol is a precious ingredient for rejuvenation, peace of mind and heart connection.


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