The Science of Carrier Oils for Health and Beauty: Liquid Gold at the tip of our fingers-Coming soon!!!


In this online lecture class series, students will discover the world of the biochemistry behind various precious, healing carrier oils, understanding the different types of fatty acids, the vitamins as well as the essential omega content of these cold-pressed oils, and how they can benefit beauty and health from both within the body and out.

Other topics will be covered such as

  • Natural SPF (sun protection) in carrier oils
  • Shelf-life and preservation optimization
  • Potential comedogenic and allergens
  • Carrier oils for skin conditions
  • Carriers oils for nutrition and skin radiance 
  • Carrier oils and massage therapy
  • Carrier oils in the oil cleansing method
  • How to make your own formulations with carrier oils
  • Butters and their benefits


You will receive 10 of Alice's favorite organic, top healing carrier oil in glass vials as well as 3 of her most used butters that you will be able to use and experiment with in the comfort of your home.

This class is best suited for the esthetician, massage therapist, growing formulator and nutritionist .