The Art of Distillation: Learn how to make your own essential oils and hydrosols. New dates!!! Sunday 23rd of May, 2021, 9.30 am to 5 pm, Sonoma County, CA


Have you always dreamt of making your own hydrosols and essential oils? Have you ever wanted to understand how to use the natural gifts of your garden and your environment to create unique high-quality cosmetic and healing products?  

In this full-day demonstration/ workshop you will be discovering the very special and unique experience of steam and hydro-distillation in a traditional copper still, affordable cooking devices as well as high-end chemistry glass-wear. Alice D. will share her passion and knowledge about the science and alchemy of the distillation process. Students will learn the difference between hydro-distillation and steam distillation as well as the ways to improve yields of essential oil extractions with simple kitchen apparatus and lab-wear. Students will be taught the differences between essential extraction and hydrosol extraction; as although they may be part of the same process, they present distinct techniques for enhanced results!

During the second part of the day, Alice will introduce the class to the basic principles of alchemy. Students will be invited to experiment with aromatherapy in drinks, chocolates, and delicious snacks featuring culinary hydrosols, aroma honey, and essential oils. While discovering the wide world of essential oils, students will get to create their own custom aromatherapy inhalers and roll-ons.

All participants will bring home an 8-ounce bottle of freshly distilled hydrosol, an aromatherapy inhaler, and roll-on pulse point, as well as a thorough hand-out packed with useful information for your own distilling adventures! The class will start promptly at 9 am please show up 15 minutes before starting time. Lunch is not provided, please bring lunch or plan on having lunch in the close-by area. Hat, a note pad, and water are recommended.

A $30 material fee will be collected on the day of class.

The class will be held outside, in a very small group, spaces limited!