Practical applications of Botanical Arts & Alchemy Workshop Series: Spiritual Phyto-Essencing & Bio-dynamic Series- Thursdays, 5.30pm to 8 pm (PCT)- Online from March 11th to April 29th 2021 and 2 full day Sunday workshops April 4th and 11th 2021


Alice is a passionate and subversive plant and product educator. Through her interactive winter/ spring class series, she teaches the Biophilia product creation method in the wise woman tradition. In this process, the students are initiated into the alchemical realm and introduced to the highest standards for self-care and product creation. Helpful tools are presented to keep the student connected to nature and its wonders while learning to connect to divine nature flow & elementals through formulation and daily life practices. Alice opens her students to the possibility of creating an expanded consciousness level in order to obtain the best production standards infused with the attention to the highest good for humanity. The intention, sustainability, positive ecological impact, non-competitive and community-based models, anthroposophy, Phyto-therapy, are all part of the essential tools Alice offers in supporting a world that improves the health of our environment through the realization of our own health. A unique series that will bring you to the next level of understanding of the natural world and its healing powers.

Some of the subjects that will be offered during the series:

  • Bringing together modern and ancient healing modality: Consilience in Modern and Alternative Medicine and cosmetology
  • Biodynamics and the language of plants
  • Spiritual Alchemy in the Garden
  • The three alchemical principals in medicine making
  • Dowsing methods in formulation

 Subjects on specific formulation methods and ingredients:


  • Oligotherapeutics and mineral therapy for health and beauty
  • Resins and resinoids extractions and their uses
  • Hydrosols: Medicine & Cosmetic Uses
  • Ancient ointments & Balms for skin healing
  • Bach flower remedies in skincare and healing
  • Sustainability in product resources & harvesting methods
  • Blending Essential Oils with the 5 elements and creating perfumes
  • Distillation processes and their place in Alchemy
  • Skin conditions and their remedies
  • Emulsifiers for the advanced Formulator
  • Vitamins and minerals in cosmetology and medicine making

Bonus Class on weekend events: Awaken your Qi with Magda Sol Yi Magda, she will guide you in moving meditations that will set your mind, body, and energy in motion in the gardens and classroom.

Scholarships are available upon request as well as payment plans

Material fees are included.