Peppermint Aroma Honey


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Our Peppermint Aroma-honey is a raw unpasteurized organic Oregon wildflower honey infused with an organic supercritical extract of Peppermint, collected and extracted in the Provence valleys of the South of France. Peppermint is a tonic that also acts a powerful stress reliever. Peppermint calms the nerves and helps with self-confidence and focus. This powerful aroma-honey is potent and can be enjoyed one little spoonful at a time! Other suggested uses: • Raw, a small teaspoon at a time in between meals or in a tepid cup of water or tea • With fish, poultry, meat or stir fried vegetables : a spoonful can be added at the end of the cooking process • As a flavoring agent for sauces & glazes • Added to marinades and applied to raw meat, for best results let sit in refrigerator for a few hours before grilling • Drizzled on fruits, pastries, ice cream or yogurt • As an aromatic sweetener for cocktails, teas and beverages  • Can be applied to skin for a 20 minute mask • Ingredients: Natural raw wild flower honey, supercritical extract of Organic French Peppermint.