Alchemy & Aromatherapy Series: An introduction to olphacto-therapy, using essential oils to shift emotions & well being- April 24th 2022- 10 am to 5 pm


As we all know, the sense of smell creates in each one of us powerful physiological responses, emotions, memories, and inspirations. Alice Duvernell, in this hands-on class, will share the fascinating world of psycho-aromatherapy. Because scent biologically influences the same brain receptors that process emotions, students will explore, through a series of games, their own emotional and physiological responses. Alice will invite students to delve deep into a sense of “feeling” more than “thinking” as they discover and rediscover the aromas of enchanting & healing essential oils. Playful approaches to this new way of experiencing scents will invite them to open to the pathway that connects smell, emotions, memories, and body connections. Opening our senses to the pure essence of the plant seems to allow us to travel deep into ourselves, in our emotional patterns, past traumas, and physiological blockages that words cannot always heal.

Participants will be introduced to a number of common and rare essential oils. They will rediscover their unique profile and properties for usage in psycho-aromatherapy.