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Hydrosols and Distillates for the Esthetician and Formulator- Saturday June 20th- 2.30 to 6 pm.

Hydrosols and Distillates for the Esthetician and Formulator- Saturday June 20th- 2.30 to 6 pm.


The dormant winter months are transforming into spring as the earth begins its process of renewal. With the garden beginning to bloom, its myriad colors and smells will inspire your senses in the treatment room and the formulation laboratory.  Join us as we explore the many uses for garden flowers and plants, creating home medicine and cosmetics and adding unique aromatics to your esthetician practices and custom formulas.

We’ll dive deep into the world of hydrosols, pure plant distillates that have a wide variety of uses in medicinal, cosmetic and even culinary applications. They also work with mood and emotions, calming the mind and soothing fatigue, regulating stress and balancing the adrenals.

Alice Duvernell will share her passion and wealth of knowledge of plants and aromatherapy in this all-levels workshop. Students will begin by touring the gardens for a first-hand look at the herbs and flowers grown on the property and in the wilderness that will all be featured in the class. After sampling and learning about the qualities of several hydrosols and other distillates, students will learn to craft their own hydrosols from scratch using plants from the garden and readily accessible kitchen tools. 

This will include step by step information on how and when to pick plants, the manufacturing and sterilization process, PH levels, blending and bonus recipes. At the conclusion, we invite you to share a glass of hydrosol sparkles and some honey chocolate-based nibbles along with the class. Students will go home with a thorough hand out, a 4 ounce freshly made hydrosol and a hydrosol based hands-on mask.

Bonus Class: Awaken your Qi with Magda Sol Yi Magda, she will guide you in moving meditations that will set your mind, body, and energy in motion in the gardens and classroom.

 $15 will be collected for material fees at the start of class.

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