Flower Extracts for Perfumery, Cosmetics & Wellbeing. New dates: Outdoor event April 24th and 25th 2021


Day one description:

Alchemy of flowers gems of the plant kingdom

Flowers are the most ethereal expression of Nature, they are the beauty and the promises of a new seed, a new future. In the alchemical world, they are related to the sun, the ether, and the Gemstones of the natural world. They are the expression of the lighter realm, the hidden world, and the vulnerability. We will explore their place in the natural kingdom and eco-system, the spiritual world, and the emotional impact on humans and animals.

Harvest and Biodynamic calendar

The were offs of harvesting and planting flowers and aromatics, the understanding of the biodynamic calendar, and the cosmic forces. Based on Rudolf Steiner’s incredible knowledge of the cosmic influences on agriculture and the natural cycles. Students will be introduced to a deeper understanding of the biodynamic calendar.

Propagation, collecting, and drying of plants

Drying and preserving herbs is an art. Students will be given techniques for collecting and drying as well as how to best preserve the environment.

Hydrosols and essential oil extractions 

Students will witness seasonal floral distillation. Distillation is a very old alchemical art invented thousands of years ago. Distillation will take place in a traditional copper still with a very gentle technique to preserve the flower’s properties and aromas.

The enfleurage techniques 

Alice Duvernell will share methods to revive this old perfumery extraction technique, invented in France, her country of origin. Students will be able to see how to create aromatic pomades with cold and hot enfleurage techniques. Students will have a hands-on experiment with the art with seasonal flowers. 

Floral tinctures and repeated exactions for perfumery 

Often people see tinctures as strictly medicinal extracts used in herbal therapy, nevertheless, tinctures can be amazing bases for perfumery blends. Repeated extraction processes, solvent choices as well delicate and gentle methods will bridge the realm of flower and botanical extraction with the art of aromatherapy. Students will create a custom aromatherapy blend to match the artisan crafted alcohol extract presented that day.

On day one, students will bring home a handout as well as a 2 oz bottle of floral distillate, a half-ounce of perfume grade floral extract, and a ¼ of an ounce of floral enfleurage pomade. A $25 will be collected the day of class.

Day two description: 

The art of making Floral essences

Flowers are an amazing portal to emotional health and wellbeing. Special guest Anna Barazia will introduce students to the art of flower essence making. In the floral garden of the farm, students will find the flowers of their calling to create their own personalized flower essence.

Floral essential oils and the art of Aromatherapy, the medicine cabinet for the soul

Essential oils have a powerful impact on stress, hormonal balance, and mood. Alice will introduce students to the concept and powers of Psycho-aromatherapy, experiencing the effects of flower essences and oils on the emotional realm and soul’s activity, an introduction to anointing and self-prescribing. Students will get to create a gentle floral essential oil blend from the oils presented that day that will be blended in a choice of artisan made hydrosols and distillates.

Oils and glycerites extracts

Warm and cold processes and techniques. Students will be taught the math behind creating proper medicinal, culinary and cosmetic grade glycerin and oil extracts. Students will have access to dried and fresh materials to create their own floral and botanical oils and glycerites that they will have the pleasure to bring home for their own use and consumption.

An introduction to CO2’s and other complex extraction techniques.

Other more complex floral extraction techniques will be presented and exceptional   CO2 extracts sampled.

 Hydrosol and chocolate gourmet bistro

The weekend will be finalized with a delicious Bistro combining snacks, chocolate, and honey aromatics, rose wine and bubbles as well as glycerite tastings

Students will bring back a customized flower essence, an aromatherapy floral toning blend as well as a custom oil and glycerite extract made from organic fresh and dried materials. Students will enjoy a hydrosol and floral bistro with snacks and aromatized drinks.

A $30 material fee will be collected the day of class