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Redwood Face & Body Oil 3 oz


The Redwood Face and Body oil is designed to bring people back in the redwoods of California, out of the city turmoil and pollution. Made from this giant and magestic tree, the Sequoia Sempervirens, it offers a very powerful and grounding aroma, helping to feel steady on ones feet. This luxurius oil is mainly composed of a fresh extract of the Redwood buds and shoots in organic Jojoba, Squalane (Olive) and Safflower (rich in Omega 3) oil. It sinks into the skin, leaving a gently and comforting sensation. It is the perfect oil for massage and facial and beard care. Its masculine and comforting aroma is composed of a blend of artisan crafted redwood essential oil with undertones of citruses, cedar, eucalyptus, mosses and underwoods.

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