Cedarwood Hydrosol

Cedarwood (thuja plicata) is mainly used as a cosmetic for its purifying and astringent properties, tightening pores and smoothing out blemishes. Its aroma is green, woody, soft and grounding; it exudes the fragrance of freshly cut cedar-wood. It is a great hair tonic and aftershave. It can also be used on pets after their bath, it will help give shine to their coat and prevent parasites. Cedarwood is said to help sustain healthy boundaries while bringing people together.  It supports the respiratory system and circulation. Cedarwood hydrosol is suitable for all skin types and helps clear up skin problems. Do not use on children under the age of 7. Cedarwood is used whenever calm and composure are required. It is said to aid in relieving nervous tension, anxiety, insomnia, fighting depression, and aggression. It is said to improve blood circulation, arthritis, and enhance concentration. It is a powerful antiseptic, astringent, and insect repellent. It repels mosquitoes, moths, woodworm, rats and mice.