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The Full Three Day Immersion is $695 with options to sign up for each day separately! You save $55 if you sign up for the full weekend experience.

Alice is a passionate and subversive plant and product educator. Through her interactive class intensive, she teaches the Biophilia product creation method in the wise-woman tradition. In this process, the students are initiated into the alchemical realm and introduced to the highest standards for self-care and product creation. Helpful tools are presented to keep the student connected to nature and its wonders while learning to connect to divine nature flow & elementals through formulation and daily life practices. Alice opens her students to the possibility of creating an expanded consciousness level in order to obtain the best production standards infused with the attention to the highest good for humanity. Intention, sustainability, positive ecological impact, non-competitive and community-based models, are all part of the essential tools Alice offers in supporting a world that improves the health of nature through the realisation of our own health.  

Day One (Friday) To sign up for ONLY Day One for $250 click here

~The Secret of the Beehive~In this class, the emphasis is on the basic functioning of the hive and how bees are an intricate and necessary part of our ecosystem. Using bee-products sustainably is a way to support bee-keeping and the maintenance and the equilibrium of the earth’s bio-system.

In this unique seminar, students will discover the extraordinary properties of royal jelly, propolis, pollen, honey and beeswax. These raw materials are not only an untapped source for beauty, good health, and a strong immune system, they are also powerful ingredients to add to cosmetic and medicinal formulation for their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, re-mineralizing and rejuvenating properties. Students will take home a 6 oz. herbal infused honey, along with thoroughly explained hand-outs, on the way bee products can be properly introduced into formulation.

~Carrier Oils: Gold for Health & Beauty~ In this lecture class, students will discover the world of bio-chemistry behind various precious, healing carrier oils; the different types of fatty acids, the vitamin and omega content of these cold pressed oils, and how they can benefit beauty and health from both within the body and on the skin. Other topics will be covered such as natural SPF (sun protection) in carrier oils, shelf life in relation to their chemical composition and potential comedogenics and allergens. Alice will feature 10 of her top healing, beautifying oils and their properties. Students will take home a 1 oz. customised scented facial oil serum made from organic selected cold pressed oils.
Day Two (Saturday)  To sign up for ONLY Day Two for $250 click here
~Gels and Serums & Creams and Lotions~
In this mostly demo-oriented class, students will be introduced to the many precious, key ingredients for creating natural bases for aromatherapy & topical cream, lotion and gel preparations. The knowledge the student will acquire concerning waxes, gums and the emulsification process, carrier oils and hydrosols, preservatives and anti-oxidants, will allow the new formulator to create creams and gels to carry their own blends and inspirations. Alice will show the proper guidelines for good manufacturing practices, sterilization and labeling. Students will custom scent their final product.
Day Three (Sunday)  To sign up for ONLY Day Three for $250 click here
~Formulating for Skin Conditions~ In this unique one-day workshop students will be introduced to a wealth of key ingredients, nutritional foods, minerals, supplements, herbs and aromatherapy to soothe problem skins. The following skin conditions and their possible remedies will be analyzed: acne, eczema, psoriasis, chronic dry skin, stretch marks, scars and rosacea. Alice will also address the subject of foods and products to be avoided, in order to clear up or reduce symptoms of chronic skin conditions. During the class the teacher will create, from scratch, three different base recipes that can be personalized by the student to their particular skin type and needs. Students will take home a 1/3 oz. blemish buster, a 1oz dry skin solid lotion bar and an aromatherapy custom formulated topical gel.

~Balms and Salves~This is one of the most hands-on classes that Alice offers, in which she gives an introduction to the ancient tradition of balm and ointment crafting. While teaming up within the group, students will make three products during the class: a powerfully healing, respiratory, essential oil-based salve, a soothing & repairing zinc ointment and a nourishing & calming body balm. This highly interactive class is a real delight for those seeking to introduce herbal extracts and aromatherapy into preservative free products. A lively and activating class for the budding formulator!
~Other topics covered during the intensive~     
  • Resins and resinoids extractions and their uses
  • Hydrosols: Medicine & Cosmetic Uses
  • Ancient Ointments & Balms for skin healing
  • Bach flower remedies in skincare and healing
  • Sustainability in product resources 
  • Skin conditions and their remedies
  • Eco-friendly emulsifiers & waxes 

Students will bring home:

  • a 2 oz customised scented  lotion
  • a 1 oz face cream and
  • a 1 oz facial gel serum

  • a Botanical honey extract
  • a 1 oz facial oil serum
  • an acne blemish buster
  • a solid skin condition push-up lotion bar 
  • a 1 oz aromatherapy gel
  • a 2 oz bottle of body aromatherapy gel treatment
  • a healing 1 oz essential oil-based salve
  • a soothing & repairing 2 oz zinc ointment
  • a nourishing & calming 2 oz body balm

Important notes: Lunch is not provided, please bring lunch as there are no close locations for a lunch break. Hat, a notepad, and water are recommended.

A $60 cash material fee will be charged the first day of class.

The class will start promptly at 9.30 am on Friday and Saturday. Please show up at the latest at 9.15, in order to settle down, find your marks and make yourself a cup of tea...Classes will usually finish anywhere between 5 pm and 6 pm depending on the size of the class. Class will start at 9 am and finish at 4.30 pm on Sunday. 

For your own accommodation planning, the class will be located in Bloomfield, Petaluma, 94952. The final location of the class will be provided the week of class.

The class will mostly be held outside, in a small group, so spaces are limited! Biophilia products, hydrosols and skin care will be available for purchase throughout the event.

For more information or request for single day classes, please contact our staff at

Thank you and see you soon!



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