ONLINE Botanical & Floral Extracts 101: For the Formulator, Herbalist & Esthetician- Online Series- New dates coming next winter 2023!- Tuesdays 5.30 to 7 pm + Q & A


In this three-week online series, students will learn the alchemical realm of the botanical arts as well as the mathematical ratios to make quality, therapeutic grade extractions in alcohol, glycerin, and carrier oils.  

The goal of this class is to enable students to work from the raw materials through to the finished product. Alice, a master in the art of botanical extractions will also teach how to sustainably harvest the plants, the correspondence in the Biodynamic calendar as well as how to extract specific molecules (each solvent corresponding to a signature quality in a plant) for specific healing usages. These botanical extracts are a perfect base for making quality medicinal and cosmetic products as well as skin conditions topicals. Several topics such as resinoids, roots, leaves, and flowers will be treated separately with their corresponding techniques.

A range of cosmetically prized plants will be presented; giving the students the opportunity of hands-on experience, for making their customized botanical extracts themselves. Students will receive a thorough handout, a 1 oz featured botanical tincture, an oil extract, and a limited edition glycerite. This class is mainly designed for cosmetic, topical, and perfume formulators as well as estheticians interested in developing their line of botanical treatments. Alice will guide students throughout the program to make their own extracts and define their creation and blends goals.

All classes will be recorded and accessible to all signed-up students. So even if you cannot make it to all classes, you will be able to watch the classes at your own timing.