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Beloved Moon Body & Face oil


Beloved moon is a limited edition created for women to get deeply in touch with the feminine side. It is extraordinarily sensual and gentle. Its star carrier oils are jojoba & sesame seed that are both renowned to help balance any body type. The essential oil blend is a aromatic & elegant combination of of orange blossom, geranium, jasmine and citruses. It is tender, it is loving, it is a reflection of the beloved! To use this oil for anointing, start by applying it on the feet and toes, then slowly come up the legs and abdomen, gently rubbing in circular motions, insist on the belly, torso and shoulders, finish with the arms, face, ears and head. The anointment "ceremony" can be concluded by applying a few drops on the fontanelle, right at the top of the head. Enjoy!

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