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Aroma sprays

Discover our range of distillates, hydrosol-based aroma blends. These high-end, complex body & facial sprays offer a real opening of the senses without the artificial ingredients used in synthetic fragrances and alcohol-based classic perfumes or toners. The first blend created for the company, “D-Divine” was created for the owner's  father and remains a classic for men and women in the aroma blend line. Aroma blends are considered as "toners", supporting hydration and micro-circulation in the epidermis. Aroma sprays can also be used as mood enhancers. Check out our best-selling blend combining a co-distillation of juniper, rose & palo-santo with under notes of Jasmine. All the aroma blends are designed for men and women. Co-distillations are the art of blending different botanicals to create a unique synergy in each bottle.