Divine Propolis Aroma Spray


This green, pungent and honey like aroma is suitable for both men and women. It features Palo Santo, Rosemary and Bay Laurel hydro-distillates enhanced and smoothed out with tones of geranium and spruce. The Propolis extract gives it  astringent and rejuvenating properties enhancing micro-circulation, healing of wounds and collagen production all at once. This aroma blend is appreciated by men and women for its high aromatic, awakening and warming effect. It is great for dull skin complexions that lack circulation as well as for people with broken capillaries, acne or rosacea.

In the treatment room: The propolis is a powerful anti-bacterial that will help with acne, skin infections and skin micro-circulation. On a psychological level it gives a sense of direction, clarity, and helps individuals having trouble making decisions, finalizing projects or finding their voice. I highly recommend this spray to clients coming in with sluggish energy, lack of joy and melancholy.

Notes: Honey- Green- Spicy- Pungent- Resinous- Woody

Complementary products: Geranium Face Cream, Zinc Appease, Redwood Face Repair Serum.

Ingredients: Artisan Distillations of Laurus Nobilis (Bay), Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary), Pelargonium Rosat (Geranium), Bursera Graveolens (Palo Santo), Rosa Damascena (Rose) Propolis extract, Propolis, Organic Ethyl alcohol (Biodynamic Grape Alcohol Sonoma County), Natural Organic Essential Oils.