ONLINE The Secret Uses of Hydrosols and Distillates for the Skin Sorceress & Esthetician-New dates coming in the fall!!!


The dormant winter months are slowly settling to rest and will be soon transforming again into spring as the earth begins its process of renewal. With the garden beginning to bloom, its myriad colors and smells inspire our senses in the treatment room and the formulation laboratory. This class is an opportunity to take incredible knowledge  and power that botanical distillates have to offer you...stored into beautiful dark amber bottles they can used in our everyday life and practice for incredible results in and out. 

Each of you will receive a collection of seven  Biophilia Botanicals organic one-ounce artisan-crafted hydrosols bottles in glass to work with during the class.

We’ll dive deep into the world of hydrosols, pure plant distillates that have a wide variety of uses in medicinal, cosmetic, and even culinary applications. They also work with mood and emotions, calming the mind and soothing fatigue, regulating stress, and balancing the adrenals. This class series is offered live so you will be able to ask Alice any question you have about hydrosols and their uses. We will particularly focus on the usage in the Spa treatment room as well as in customized formulations.

Alice Duvernell will share her passion and wealth of knowledge about alchemy, plants, and aromatherapy in this all-levels workshop. Each student will receive a hydrosol aroma kit enabling you to experience the gifts of the garden in the comfort of your own homes. After sampling and learning about the qualities of several hydrosols and other distillates, students will learn to craft their own hydrosols from scratch using plants from the garden and readily accessible kitchen tools. 

This will include step by step information on how and when to pick plants, the manufacturing and sterilization process, PH levels, blending, the science behind hydrosols and skin balance as well, and bonus recipes. 

All classes will be recorded and accessible for all signed up students, so if you miss a class, no worries, you can still attend in your own time!


Customer Reviews

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Julianna Eastwood
The Best Hydrosol Class!

Alice's classes are always incredibly insightful and offer so much value. You can feel her enthusiasm for what she's teaching and it is totally contagious. Learning more about hydrosols has already had a big impact in my facial treatments and I feel much more confident explaining what they are to my clients, not to mention they smell amazing. After taking this class I will definitely be taking as many classes as I can with her! Alice is pure magic!

Lori Satter
hydrosols course

it was awesome!! I love Alice's teaching style.