The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine

For a long time, I believed that the feminine energy was fragile and malleable and that it’s opposite, the masculine, was much stronger; I believed that one dominated the other, and to obtain visible results and safety in this world, it was the male expressions that I had to adopt. That model was also the one that the world showed me and that I was taught to believe was the way.

It is through the incredible experience of life that I realized that the feminine energy was equally powerful. That it is through her that I could find a true expression of myself and the deepening my relationship with nature, listening, receiving, in gratitude…all her expressions went from outwards to inwards, from the above to the bellow.

The freedom of an open hand, the power of forgiveness, the energy of silence, the deep sense of empowerment through the act of letting go. The divine feminine became in me more than a potential, it grew wings from my shoulders so I could soar.

As one would think it is the woman incarnation, but the divine feminine exists in all beings, male and female. It is a principal of abundance, adaptability and the ebb of all possibles. Like water, it flows from the darkness of the earth to the face of the new moon, into the subconscious, our historical records and the patterns waiting to be revealed.

Often, she is referred to as the chaos, the molten rock, milk of the earth’s breast, from which everything can grow. The divine feminine is connected to emotion, E “energy” in: Motion… It is the river of our soul, the expression of our dreams, it is the word before the action, the thought before manifestation.

The divine feminine is like an apple tree, it does not judge whom you are to offer arms wide its abundance and sweetness.  That is why we can give thanks to Eve for biting in the fruit of knowledge and opening the connection we are here to express. We are light and light reflects the shadow of mater in which we live. We are shadow so we can find the light. We are matter so we can experience the freedom. Among, in, bellow and above what we "think" is.

It is when you bight in the apple of life that you may find the deep connection of your soul with the greatness of the connection between us and all living creatures, plants and rocks. And that is why Eve giving the apple to Adam was not a sign of weakness but an invitation for him to look within and know thyself through the spiritual and emotional path of life, that is where compassion and true love can be born.

The divine feminine goes downwards like water falling from a mountain. It goes inwards like a meditation or a silent song, one that invites us to look within. It is connected to the elements of water and earth and to the power of abundance and sharing. The divine feminine invites us to see deeper and to find balance and forgiveness in our heart and actions.

The divine feminine was designed to collaborate deeply with the divine masculine. Without one another they are lost. They exist to balance each other, not to dominate or restrain one another. Just like the Yin and Yang, or day and night.

Opening to the feminine power is opening to receiving, opening hands to let go of control of others and allowing each and every one to be in their own emotional and spiritual path. Accepting what is and not trying to change it. It is the silence you offer a friend when they need to share things that you cannot resolve. It is that space, that cup, that opening that creates a sense of belonging, even in absence of words.

I call all my women sisters to bring your power in the world whatever it means to you...I call all my brothers to invite your divine feminine to help you find peace, stillness and acceptance when needed. We can thrive in unity, man and woman, child and elder, black and white all every one between. Let's put our strengths together for the future of this beautiful paradise...called planet earth...We are one!


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